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The Special Issue contains an introduction by Editors Philippe Cullet and AIDA member Raya Marina Stephan, and a number of research articles, as follows: International law has experienced major developments in the past decades, which take into account the multifaceted nature of freshwater management and protection.Adopting universal, regional and river-basin tools stresses the importance of studying the evolution of international legal frameworks for water resources, and for identifying the main principles in this area.

The support afforded to me, both technical as well as the answers from the expert, was superb.

Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending the course to any person whatsoever.” The online course was developed with the support of the Center for Continuing and Distance Education of the University of Geneva, and in partnership with Diplo Foundation.

The river originates in the Tibetan area of China and flows through four countries, including China, Bhutan, India and Bangladesh, before reaching the sea at the Bay of Bengal.

It provides an important source of livelihoods for the riparian populations, many of whom use the river for agriculture and fisheries.

It also analyses potential area of future cooperation, termed as Zone of Possible Effective Cooperation (ZOPEC).