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Not that the scent is completely similar, but "Tabu" has such authenticity and will cost you a fraction of the asking price for the old powerhouse perfumes of the eighties.

My dearly beloved, I've been waiting impatiently all spring and summer for these cool autumn nights that I can finally have your devilishly delicious aura surrounding me once again.

It's perfect for cold, rainy days when you want to read some Victorian horror novels while sipping wine. Astonishingly so, since I can't wear many of the stronger perfumes that were so popular when everyplace smelled like smoke and you needed a perfume that could compete with the reek, so to speak. You know I am always amazed at the crap that they sell at the drugstore nowadays, minus a few gems like Jovan Musk, Love's Baby Soft, Liz Taylor(subject to opinion), and Tabu by Dana.

I know I wore this when I was younger, although I can't remember what it used to smell like.

I wear Tabu when the day is going to be casual and nothing else seems appropriate.