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It’s wonderful to grow with somebody and find a life partner, so there is a reason to stay. Essence: You were in wedding dresses twice in this movie. So I was going through a lot but it did make me romanticize about the day that I would do that.

Essence: And the life partner for Stormy turns out to be her childhood friend Reverend Arnold “Peanut” Peterson [played by Flex Alexander] from back home. M.: There’s a Peanut in my life now and had I been open to the situation, prepared and appreciative of that, I would be married now. That’s not a bad thing, but we need to be aware and say to our daughters, what there is to expect at the end of the day because you might want to walk with a Peanut. I hope and pray we can shine a little more value on relationships with this story.

And of course, if you don’t put it out there it’s certainly not going to happen. Sometimes they happen to be family so they aren’t going anywhere anyway.

I’ve had actresses say to me, ‘I just thought it would happen, and it never happened, and I’m 50 and I don’t want it to happen to you.’ It’s a real thing. M.: Oh my gosh, you just want to marry him for real. The bottom line is people love you, admire you, and envy you all at the same time. You just pray on it and pray for that person and wish blessings on their lives. M.: I felt like I needed to get married to be quite honest.

She was so together and you never would have thought things would turn out like that. That story stayed with me and I thought, And then I thought of my grandmother whose whole thing is seeing me married before she dies. M.: I want to begin a conversation about relationships and love. If love is something you want, you definitely need to make it a priority in your life early enough so it doesn’t feel desperate or you are worried about your eggs drying up (laughs)! M.: Those haters that love you but you don’t really know where to put them?

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