Who is singer sade dating

From his debut album , fans of the rapper became curious about his love life and wondered who songs like “Best I Ever Had” were about.

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The two reportedly hooked up (for the first time) in 2009 and, based on their charted collaborations, it looked like they were a good fit. The first real confirmation we got from Drake and Rihanna’s relationship came in 2010 from the rapper, who said that “Diamonds” singer used him saying, “ From Drake congratulating Rhianna on award wins, to the “Umbrella” singer dodging the rapper’s kiss on the VMA stage, the two were giving fans whiplash.

Things seemed to be fine with them toward the end of 2016, with their summer romance (or “no stings attached” relationship) coming to an amicable end.

Rumors swirling around when Drake was spotted at a few of her tennis matches.

Although their relationship was never confirmed, it was pretty visible.

Below is a list of Drake’s girlfriends over the years.