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“I showed up because I like gardening and then found out about the food going to housekeepers and workers.A lot of people don’t consider that just because people have access to food doesn’t mean they have access to fresh food.” Another volunteer at the garden is Elyssa Collins, a junior geology major.This way, someone could discreetly leave a message in their crush's jar at the end of the evening.

Hosted in the vast garden beyond the backyard, weed dating was set amid a nondescript area decorated with a large pile of wood, a trampoline, a riding mower and some mounted moose antlers.

I paid my $5 entry fee (perhaps a tactic to "weed out" people who can't come up with $5) to two pleasant ladies sitting at a table, and was given a name tag and a Sharpie.

"There are really cool people and interesting conversations.” Collins added that her favorite part about the garden was the feeling of planting a seed, then harvesting it and giving it to someone to eat — a feeling people participating in the event will be able to share in, as well.

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This was the fourth installment of the annual event, started by owner Casey O'Leary, giving singles the chance to mingle not over food or drink--or in speedy awkwardness--but while pulling some weeds from the ground.