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However she is now nationally famous for this scandal after the nude photos were recently posted by a user to a forum on a popular human rights website serving Indonesia.

And the Indonesian government is now even rumored to have suspended and/or shutting down several local websites where users uploaded these explicit pictures.

After 5 more minutes they remove the bra and just before finishing, they will get totally naked for about a minute.

Then they will go around the room and offer private lap dance which will last depending the number of drinks you will buy her (ladies drink at Rp50k).

It is the only club that has live sex shows in Jakarta to my knowledge. Every Wednesday night, they have those special events with actors (woman and male) performing sexual acts in the club.

I never saw it but the staff from Tease Club gave us the information.

Facial Alena was a surprise and fear, it all lasted less than a second, but I had time to analyze everything, and for me this second stretched very long.