Viruscan 8 5 dat file not updating

I was lucky, but I am angry because Mc Afee never told that there was a problem, on the web site, Technical Support or other media. Do you have any suggestions for breaking out of the Windows XP Repair loop? We have seen poisoned search results since the problem first surfaced.

Search terms such as Mc Afee, 5958, or DAT are returning results that can lead to malicious and fake antivirus scan sites, resulting in the installation of malware...

Mc Afee's "DAT" file version 5958 is causing widespread problems with Windows XP SP3.

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Viruscan 8 5 dat file not updating

06/26/2017 PT Super DAT, installer, package of Version 5 Beta Dats - For use with the 5000 series scan engine and Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5i and later versions.

06/26/2017 PT Version 5 Beta DAT files - For use with the 5000 series scan engine on Unix/Linux operating systems Virus definition, or .

Run the file you downloaded from the IST software download web site by clicking Run or Open on the download dialog box, or by double clicking on the file. Make sure the Destination folder is "c:\" as shown below. Please check the check box next to "Run On-Demand Scan" if you would like to check you hard drives for viruses now.

In the first dialog box you will be asked to review "Readme" file that has description of the product features, overview of system requirements, and known issues for this release. After the installation is complete Mc Afee Virus Scan will update DAT files automatically and allows you to run On-Dement scan.

Using anything else will cause the installation to fail. After all files are copied to your hard drive the installation process will start.