Validating web site visual studio

The following steps describe how to achieve it: You now have only one version of j Query that is used throughout your web site and by the Telerik controls, so there should be no conflicts and the unobtrusive validation should work as expected. NET 4.5 Telerik Web Site, the default web form has a Rad Script Manager.

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NET 4.5 Telerik Web Site Visual Studio template, you can still have an additional j Query version that is registered with Rad Script Manager as jquery.

This can happen, for example, if you installed the Asp Net. This puts you in situation similar to the one that is described in the How To Use Unobtrusive Validation In .

The validation scripts of the unobtrusive validation (Web and Web UIValidation.js) are not available in this case, so you also need to install them on the site.

You can follow the steps below to setup the unobtrusive validation: Even if you created a web site with the .

No solution or project files are required and the pages and source can reside locally (file system, IIS) or remotely (FTP, Web Dev/Front Page extensions) via the File Web Site… Code-behind and classes are typically stored on the web server which compiles them in-memory on demand.