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The truth is that none of us filling in forms — there is a lot of evidence to show that users get annoyed by forms, and are one of main things that will cause them to leave and go somewhere else if they are done badly. We want to make filling out web forms as non-horrible as possible, so why do we insist on blocking our users at every turn?

There are three main reasons: In the real world, developers tend to use a combination of client-side and server-side validation, to be on the safe side.

Note: The rules listed here are for Java Script regular expressions, and apply to the regular expressions used incfinputandcftextinputtags only.

These rules differ from the rules used by the Cold Fusion functions REFind, REReplace, REFind No Case, and REReplace No Case.

For information on regular expressions used in Cold Fusion functions, see Using Regular Expressions in Functions.