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Collars can fall off or break, tags can be lost or wear off so they are illegible.

A combination of a microchip, properly fitting collar and current identification tag, and keeping your companion properly confined, are the best insurance policies you can provide to keep your animal friend safe.

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But the most powerful tool of all could be about the size of a grain of rice: a microchip.

Sometime over the past month or so, Home Again, a lost pet recovery service and microchip provider, reunited their one-millionth pet with the owner.

Tragically many never make it back home because they lack identification.

A microchip along with a collar and identification tag are the best ways to ensure you and your companion will be quickly reunited.

After pets have been microchipped, contact information for the pet's owner is registered to the microchip's serial number in a database that veterinary or animal rescue staff can use to locate an animal's owner should the pet become lost.