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Several previous attempts to capture the Bear River waters had failed.

This became the settlers "last chance." The Last Chance Canal Company was started with 64 original stockholders--Gem Valley farmers who desperately needed the life-giving waters from the Bear River to grow their crops.

Jeff is an Account Executive which basically means he tests out bad jokes on contractors all over Denver.

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Last Chance Canal Bridge Concrete pony arch over Bear River , the canal now runs thru a steel truss on steel supports & lags, Concrete abutments.

the canal exits the hand excavated basalt rock tunnel to the left to enter the bridge.

Mountain water rights, piped from spring and gravity flow, 1167 water shares from Thatcher Irrigation. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, if you've wanted to own a lodge, this is the one... This would make a fantastic investment property as a bed and breakfast,...735 acres of farmable ground with 1867 shares of water plus up to 6 1/2 ft of mountain water.

Native to Colorado, Lori is very family oriented, hiking, camping and just hanging out on the patio are all on her to do list when with her mom and brother.

In her down time she likes to relax with her 2 kitties and 2 little dogs, Zoey and Nala.