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“We’re extraordinarily lucky that we’re having success at the same time,” says Mc Crory. And we do have perspective – we have great fun walking the neighbour’s dog.” At some point, Mc Crory suggests, the couple will certainly work together, although so far the parts they have been offered have been “too dark”.

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’ But that’s how I wanted to tell that story.” Mc Crory has never looked more glamorous than when she is alongside her actor husband, Damian Lewis, star of the hit American series Homeland.

While other celebrity couples po-facedly shun the cameras, there is something rather refreshing in seeing Mc Crory and Lewis immaculately dressed up to the nines, her in vintage Givenchy, and him in white tie, literally having a ball en route to the Golden Globes, the Met Ball, dinner at the White House, the Baftas.

But she also excels in dramas that place 40-something women at the centre of the story, including last year’s television series Leaving, in which she played a hotel manager who has an affair with a man 20 years her junior.

“Just a week ago I was offered a part where I was a bit concerned there was more sex than talking,” she says. But whatever the part, I’ve always been more concerned about the story I’m telling and telling it accurately than how I look.

“When we filmed Charles II, I insisted on having thick white paste layered on to my face every morning that flaked off in horrible lumps.