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14, 2017 and any other written correspondence from OHA to the governor's office on this topic since July 21, 2017.I agree to pay any reasonable copying and postage fees of not more than .​​May I please have copies of applications by those individuals nominated by Gov.

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If the cost would be greater than this amount, please notify me.

Please provide a receipt indicating the charges for each document.

Chauhan," "state Medicaid operations director" or "chief health systems officer." Thank you for your time and attention to my request.​​Hello, I would like to obtain an updated VCP & ICP Excel file for the entire state.

Information I would like is: ECSI Site Name County Address City Zip Latitude Longitude Site Size Cleanup Program Status Current Action Assigned Current Action Start Current Action Compl. thank you​​Regarding Gustavo Morales and appointment to Hispanic Affairs Commission, we request: -- His letter of interest -- His application, redacted for personal private information and such other information as may be withheld.

All written questions, notes taken by interview panels or screening committees, recommendations or summaries of any panel related to to the application process, screening and interviews of all applicants for the open Linn County Circuit Judge position, specifically including but not limited to the interview process in Salem with the Governor; 4.