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The skating federation has also been training more serious speed skaters for competitions as far away as Spain, in turn inspiring youngsters who see that the sport can be more than a recreational activity.

“People realized it’s something that can take you places,” says Mburu, whose group is working to expand skating opportunities across Kenya.

Twenty-somethings play street hockey on their blades in one corner, toddlers take lessons in another, and all the way around the edges of the rink lie battered pairs of rollerblades, lined up and ready to be rented out.

Friends, parents and children sit on the walls surrounding the parking lot, taking pictures. But bit-by-bit, each day a little bit more, I did it.

“I had a big sister with three kids but she passed away so my mum had to take care of the kids, plus me and my twin brother,” he says.

“It was all so expensive so I had to leave college.” Kabundi managed to get a number of jobs through skating: teaching kids at primary schools to skate, as well as distributing promotional leaflets and flyers for organizations around the city on his rollerblades.

“Once people start skating it’s a very addictive sport; any kids who skates has no time to get caught up in the TV and social media controlling our generation,” he asserts.