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O Mentor Web Modular é um sistema de gestão educacional voltado a instituições de ensino de pequeno porte, com ferramentas disponíveis para facilitar a gestão e dar o suporte necessário para o crescimento da sua escola ou faculdade.

Todo o sistema já é pré-configurado para que os colaboradores da instituição possam utilizá-lo de forma rápida e intuitiva.

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They went through all of these emotions, they were happy and sad and angry and frustrated and confused, and falling in love and then being in love and challenged in love, all of these great emotions. The ABC comedy you’re producing, will be loosely based on your life post-divorce. I don’t know that “loosely based” is the word—it’s “loosely inspired.” It’s the story of a guy who’s been married for a while, a novelist who writes love stories, and he gets divorced, and what happens post-this in a world that thinks he’s very romantic. If you go in and you put out this false sense of who you are, what’s the point? A lot of people think of writers as kind of artsy or introverted, and many of them are.

And if you remove one of those things, you write about a character who never gets angry, or there’s no humor, or there’s no sadness, it feels a little fairy tale-ish. We’re early enough in the process that I’m still working with ABC and the writers to figure out exactly what kind of comedy are we going for. In the end I think that you’ve just got be yourself.

Emita notas fiscais eletrônicas de maneira fácil e rápida.

Esta solução vai ajudar você a transformar a gestão de sua empresa em no máximo 90 dias. Nossa solução de Gestão Empresarial foi criada para automatizar processos administrativos.

TIME caught up with the novelist ahead of the film’s release to talk about his dramas, Stephen King and his dating life post-divorce.