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And we'd be there too, hiding around the corner and giggling a bit at our own Cupid-like genius. The spark just wasn't there to justify the effort, I don't think.

"I've had my heart broken during the last 10 years, and have had unexplainable chemistry with someone too.

"I have a full time job as a HR business partner and I also have a second job as a wrestling personality which I hope will become my full-time focus in the future. With sites such as Plenty of Fish and Tinder you find that people aren't always who they say they are.

"I don't know if Lewis fancied me – there were no obvious signs.

He's an intelligent man and there were a few times we really clicked, like when I said I knew the band Stuck Mojo and he showed me that he had them on his playlist. "It was like two friends having a great conversation.

It was a great choice for a first date – there was nice lighting, lovely food, dreamy music and it was upmarket.