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I created Larry, the protagonist of the story “Limerence”, to highlight the plight of a person completely addicted to an imagined connection.

He hardly knows this woman Louise, and what he knows is mostly through online interaction.

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“The Hardness Test” is definitely about a woman who has a deep vein of self-loathing and is trying to reconcile it by finding love.

Estelle, the protagonist, has carried a burden of guilt all her life, relating to a horrifying incident with her sister when she was a child.

Often I felt a character was trying to find a way to love themselves, rather than trying to find love in another person.

Particularly in “The Hardness Test.” Do you think people seek love as a way to reconcile a flaw they see in themselves?

I see my students sneaking to check phones during class even though I forbid it and the penalty is severe.