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It is being played in the stadium across the river from me and he says he is not on the team but has tickets and would like to take me, introduce me to his friends and any teammates who will be there, etc.

Maybe he stressed to her that his profession would make things challenging, I'm not sure.

This could be, as others suggested, a preemptive strike on his part or a way for him to not get too attached. I will go to the all star game with him and see what happens, and I will ask him to elaborate on what he thinks the issues are for him. I know some that never even looked, others looked,but never touched,and well, then there were the others. At 34, he needs to be more concerned about his real career than his high school dream of being on baseball cards.

In other words, maybe he's looking for real character in a woman. The comments in here is laughable because no one has a clue what they are talking about.

Considering I doubt anyone else here has ANY professional experience, I'll give my two cents in. I proceeded to fight relatively consistently until April of 2006 when I decided to enlist then inconsistently until 2009 after that. But he also really, really loves baseball and isn't about to give it up for you.

Relationships are always hard for people like that. Once trust is established it's a bit different assuming she's okay with him going out of town for days or weeks on end. He's already "warned" you about how hard relationships are for athletes.