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However, if you really want to take a step towards romantic bliss NOW, you'll have to be the one stepping out.Making first contact isn't difficult and it shouldn't be terrifying.Value yourself enough to put your need for safety ahead of your desire for companionship.

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You may find that, without taking the initiative, time passes rather quietly.

Because gender roles are undefined in the world of gay romance, the great female tradition of waiting for someone to express interest in you simply doesn't work... If you are comfortable waiting around for some lovely lady to notice you exist, making first contact isn't necessary.

Learn how to create a safe and compelling profile, make first contact, design a great first date, and avoid the common mistakes.

~~SAFETY~~ Your view on love may not be traditional, but that doesn't mean you are immune to the dangers of traditional straight dating.

Gay and lesbian online dating is no different, though there are certain stereotypes that are so abundant they blend into the background.