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There are a total of eight games on Tamagotchi Friends, some of which are revamped versions of games on previous Tamagotchi.

Luchford also directed two separate short films starring Abbey Lee and Freja which you can see below.

Only I can’t really find them anywhere, or find out how much they are or if they are even available right now.

Another milestone for me to be able to walk for @miumiu P.s obsessed with this collection!!

These two domain names were made in 1999, and I was planning to use them for my own jewelry business but I haven't used them and never promote it on any search engine. Please note that I won't do any valuation or appraisal report, so you can do your own research and make an offer based on what you think their value is; I will consider it seriously. Ps: Transaction will be done through escrow account, and both sides share the cost.