problems with ice core dating - Sexchatlines numbers

A security researcher got an eyeful of a sex worker's client base when he investigated a Vo IP service whose "burner" phone numbers are being recycled.

Neohapsis Labs Senior Security Consultant Rob Beck was on an engagement that had him checking out the "burner" feature of a VOIP company.

The postage stamps also feature the head of the monarch in some form, leading to jokes about licking the back of Her Majesty's head (these days, they're pre-adhesive).

It turns out the disposable numbers aren't being disposed of -- they're being given to the next customer in line.

Beck found out quickly and explicitly that the service had issued him the "disposable" number of an escort -- and her clients clearly thought she was still at the same number.

The international code is 00 (country number) for outgoing calls.

This means that when calling Russia, you start with 00 7...

Official Christmas stamps also come out in December: the Royal Mail has a system of using religious-themed stamps and secular wintry images on alternating years.