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As a You Tuber who’s already earned an audience, you’ll have two advantages from the start that other store owners would be jealous of: When money is all that stands between an idea and its execution, crowdfunding is a good way to make it happen.

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Your earning potential isn't determined solely by the number of subscribers and views you have, but also by the level of engagement you generate, the niche you cater to, and the revenue channels you explore.

That's not to say subscriber count doesn't matter—check out our tips to get more subscribers on You Tube.

Making money from a You Tube channel probably isn’t the reason you’ll start one, but the opportunities to earn are a pleasant surprise once you realize how many of them there are.

New Media Rockstars estimates that top You Tubers earn in the millions, some even in the tens of millions.

Luckily, there are several ways you can money on Youtube: Let's take a deeper look at each one.

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