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but its boring, theres no jobs, and businesses just keep shutting their doors. I lived in an apartment and the front door had a huge list of people not allowed in the building IT WAS LIKE 10 PAGES. Didn't feel comfortable even going to sleep at night. I'm not even a good ole boy & I've made a fine living here!!!

this town will never grow, in fact i think its going backwards. Was married in Hohenwald 19 years ago, have family in Summertown lived there as well.

The city of Clifton seems to have Lawrenceburg and Waynesboro beat hands down in this aspect.

Here is an example of some of the folks who live there: Yes INDEED, the Wayne/Lawrence county area is a treasure trove of just about everything most decent people find vile and disgusting and is a cultural/educational cesspool. IF you don't mind living isolated from the "Sodomites", you just may find this area a beautiful and great place to live.

He misdiagnosed my Dad's carcinoma in 1995 and in 1997 he lied about seeing my Dad and had his secretary delete files and proof of that year's office visit (which was inadmissable as evidence because my mom worked as a nurse at St.