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"Over the course of my reign, and certainly since I first visited Jamestown in 1957, my country has become a much more diverse society, just as the Commonwealth of Virginia and the whole United States of America have also undergone major social change," she added."The 'melting pot' metaphor captures one of the great strengths of your country, and is an inspiration to others around the world, as we face the continuing social challenges ahead." "It is right that we continue to reassess the meaning of historical events in the changing context of the present, not least in this, the 200th anniversary, in the United Kingdom, of the act of parliament to abolish the Trans-Atlantic slave trade." Lighter side on tour At Jamestown, the queen walked to the James River, where replicas of the three ships the settlers arrived in were docked.They were soft and moldy, the ink had blurred and in some cases gotten wet, most of the sizing had deteriorated, and any original bindings had disappeared.

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Celebrating the 400th anniversary of the founding of America's first English settlement, Queen Elizabeth II on Friday walked through a replica village as crowds lined her path to catch a glimpse of royalty.

The queen, flanked by Vice President Dick Cheney and Virginia Gov.

The Jamestown Records of the Virginia Company of London, part of the Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress, uniquely illuminate a critical era of early American history. Krueger, Senior Paper Conservators at the Library of Congress, tells the remarkable story of how these records were rescued from disintegration and suggests some of the many ways in which the physical conservation of historic documents is vital to the acquisition and preservation of historical knowledge.

Jefferson incorporated them into his own papers because he recognized their great historic value. In this online presentation, the original Jamestown Records may be seen in Volumes 16 and 17 of The Thomas Jefferson Papers Series 8.

“Half a century has done nothing to diminish the respect and affection this country holds for you.