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“He was a good physician,” Bailey recalled in a phone interview.

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“But they also both have approval numbers in the mid-30s with Democrats, which is a good deal above average crossover support, and they have good numbers with independents as well.”Barrasso’s strong numbers reflect his careful attention to Wyoming, to which he returns every weekend, and especially his attention to its all-important energy industry.

With seats on two key committees — Energy and Natural Resources and Environment and Public Works — he is well situated to look out for energy interests, which have rewarded him with generous campaign donations.

Last fall, little more than three years after Roll Call newspaper named him as the Senate’s least-powerful member, he was elected vice-chairman of the Senate leadership conference, the fifth-highest rank in the Senate GOP hierarchy. Barrasso is a very smart and capable senator and is a highly valued member of our leadership team,” Don Stewart, deputy chief of staff to Sen.

GOP Leader Mitch Mc Connell (Kentucky), said in a statement relayed by Mc Connell’s spokesman.

For example, during a Senate floor speech in July 2009, he cited a study by an insurance company subsidiary to misleadingly claim that 119 million Americans would lose their private coverage under the Democrats’ healthcare plan.