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You then can call the teacher and say that because you were taken aback at the meeting you were not as articulate as would have liked, but suffice it to say everything that’s going on in your home is between consenting adults and your daughter now understands that. : My sister and the love of her life are going to get married this winter.Then get some sound-proofing, or a sound machine for when you and your husband have noisy nocturnal pleasures. Our whole family is very happy about it, especially my mom.A: If you’re at the age that you have small children underfoot, I’m surprised that your college friends themselves don’t need to get out of town on Sunday in order to be at work on Monday.

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One, if you’re old enough to get married, you’re old enough to tell your mother, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Two, if someone is picking up the tab, they get to be in control.

Three, if a bride is choosing between making her unreasonable mother happy and mollifying her groom, she needs to refocus her priorities.

But, now that I’m married and have two toddlers at home, this is more than a notion when it comes to hosting house guests.

I absolutely love the opportunity to spend time with friends, but desperately need to at least have my Sunday afternoons or early evenings to get prepared for the week.

When my parents got married more than 20 years ago there was not much money.