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I registered in a website which finds speaking partners for different languages and then I chose english and searched based on education level. In America there are men who like women from foreign places, a lot of men liking Asian women specifically.

Usually, these people like Asian women in a sexual context, unfortuntely, and it seems they're using the site for that purpose.

If you get random contact requests I suggest declining unless you've been informed who this contact was previously.

Therefore, a man chatting w/you about sexual things is nothing new to me or any fellow Americans!

I'm sorry you found some stupid, immature men to chat with.

If you want to use Skype to practice, feel free to block anyone who pressures you into uncomfortable/gross topics or actions you're because they're not interested in helping you.

@bleach100 yes I registered in a website dedicated to find speaking partners from all arount the world for different languages.

The guys in America are used to the girls being open to sexual interaction and overly flirtatious. Normal would mean that it is openly accepted by all people.