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You’ve been flashing back to the backstory of what led this group of people to where they were when we met them at the beginning of Season 1, but it feels like that backstory has been told now.

Are you going to continue to have flashbacks on the show, to different points in their lives, going forward?

While some questions have been answered and some relationships were resolved, there are plenty of new questions and new story threads to be explored.

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GREG YAITANES: The Banshee: Origins comic was so exciting when it came out between seasons because we introduced that Rabbit had a brother that was a priest and we’d been forming that character. The thing about Banshee is that it has a nice, complicated relationship with religion.

Having everybody’s reckoning take place in a House of God was beautiful and visual and thematic, but it was not easy to find a church that would let us do a giant shoot-out.

TROPPER: We wanted to create another character that felt very much of the Banshee world.

Initially, he was conceived as an Asian, but that just felt a little too predictable and a little too easy.

​​"Our findings suggest that if we build an intelligent system that learns enough about the properties of language to be able to understand and produce it, in the process it will also acquire historical cultural associations, some of which can be objectionable.