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I’ve been around SL for three years and I’ve heard all the stories first hand, and honestly there is very little that shocks me anymore. This one wasn’t exclusively about Second Life, but focused on people who met their partners/spouses online in chat rooms or dating sites, all with positive outcomes.It featured five stories , one of them was the story of the person behind the SL avatar Bara Jonson.I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, so I will just say that I watched this film with a smile on my face for almost the whole time.

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Sansar is our new platform for creating social VR experiences.

Sansar will democratize VR as a creative medium, making it easy for people to create, share, and sell their own social VR experiences. Second Life is the largest and most successful 3D virtual world created entirely by its users.

As Julia delves deeper into her sister's secret life, her own past catches up with her.

This is a book about second chances and double lives, recovery and addiction, responsibility and abandonment. And what happens when our virtual worlds collide in real life, where actions have consequences and you can't simply escape by logging off?

It may lack the ingenious conceit that made Before I Go To Sleep such a sensational debut, but this is still a gripping read – deftly plotted, with convincing characters and an unsettling premise that builds to a truly disturbing conclusion.