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Oh, and you'll already have paid an extra £2,000 or so to have the PCM system in the first place.

Now owners of 991 and 981 models are reporting that official Porsche dealers in the UK are offering a full seven-digit software upgrade for the frankly preposterous fee of £500.

To put it in context, brand new models have starting prices ranging from a little under £40,000 up to nearly £90,000.

To enable you to use the most attractive devices in your MINI, our specialists continuously check the compatibility of these devices with the connectivity products offered by MINI.

After parts of the vehicle software have been updated, MINI offers the option for recently tested Bluetooth or USB devices to be used in the vehicle. To do so, all you need is a standard USB device with sufficient memory capacity.

Disgruntled owners of Porsche's latest 911 and Boxster models are reporting that dealers are charging them £500 for a simple software update to support seven-digit postcodes in the UK.