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On the other hand the locals resented the latter to a greater or lesser extent, for despite having to make only minimal payments – always in kind – to the landowner, it rankled to be tenants of a foreign nobleman, no matter how distinguished might have been the contribution of his great forebear tot he well-being of the nation.

All this probably served to sharpen the villagers' sense of irony...

'One of my most moving childhood memories', wrote Federico:is of her reading Victor Hugo's Hernani in our huge kitchen at Daimuz to the farm labourers and administrator's family.

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But whatever explanations may be offered, the fact remains that Fuente Vaqueros was different from the other villages of the Vega.

Liberal, 'a bolshie lot, always against authority' (as one distinguished English agent termed it in 1980), and unconcerned about religious matters, these people were surprisingly open a progressive.” (9)“Federico Garcia Rodriguez, the poet's father, was born in Fuente Vaqueros in 1859, the eldest of the nine.

Vicenta's paternal grandfather, Bernardo Lorca Alcon... hailed from Totana, in Murcia, and it is not known why or when he moved to Granada, where he married a local girl, Antonia Josefa Gonzalez.

Ina document of 1840 Bernardo Lorca is described as an 'agricultural worker'.

It is hard to imagine, at all events, that the suspicion of having Romany blood in his veins, from whatever source and no matter how diluted, would have been a matter of indifference to the author of Gyspy Ballads.” (7)“...