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This movie about an 8 year old girl setting out to reunite her widowed father with his college love is probably the most iconic Bollywood romcom ever!

With SRK Kajol romancing each other and Johhny Lever and Farida Jalal tickling your funny bone, it goes without saying that this one is every Bollywood fan’s all time favourite film.

Everybody thought director Saket Chaudhary was crazy when he cast the unlikeliest of pair – Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat but they were in for a pleasant surprise.

The film was hilarious right from the first scene and became one of those rare cult films that never achieved commercial success but become popular amongst the masses.

How he wins her heart forms the rest of the plot of the film. It captures so many different kinds of relationships in the lives of three guys just out of college, it is something every twenty something will relate to!