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Ryan is a boy's name, and should only be given to boys. My name is Ryan and even though I'm 19 and at the age when most people come to terms with their names, I still hate mine. I am not Irish or anywhere close to it but I like the translated meaning.

Whether I would name my son this or not remains to be seen. My favorite of all the Ryans that I know is tall, handsome, kind, and very poised. And in school, when getting the attendance read, they would read my last name first and look around for a boy. Parents, don't believe anything about male names on girls being "unique" or "spunky", it just makes me feel ugly and manly and causes all kinds of problems for me. I am a 20 year old male and I will be changing my name at the court in no time. One of my friends' name is Ryann, and she's a girl.

Although I love the name, it is very popular, and I think it’s starting to get overused. And he sure is a perfect little boy and the little king of the house! It is very popular where I live, though, and there are 3 Ryans in my 10th grade English class alone. He reminds me of a prince, so I think his name is very fitting for him. :) I think Ryan is a horrible, horrible girl's name. I'd love to change it, but unfortunately I think my mom would never forgive me if I did. Before I met her, I thought it was a boy's name but now this name reminds me of a girl.

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At least this is one of those safe names that you can't really go wrong with. It's funny how just changing the emphasis changes the feeling of the name completely.

It sounds very ordinary, which is safe, but also a bit boring. It surprises me sometimes how vehement people get on the topic of names.

I thought the "i" would be softer and more feminine than a "y" and I thought the "anne" was more feminine than "an". Yes, there are some names out there that are appropriate for a boy and a girl, but this name isn’t one of them. I have been doing research for a while on male names and guess what? I don't really like to name myself a popular name but this name is unique(even though many people have it) and has a wonderful meaning, "little king".

His name fits him very well because he is my little king! When he was little his Polish great-grandma used to pronounce his name ray-ann.

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