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Unfortunately it's the people at the bottom that feel the greatest impact at times like these.

I am very concerned for my co-workers that remain there.

This makes career advancement very difficult and political aptitude is more critical to success than performance.

Pros- Exciting, fun, meritocratic work environment with motivated colleagues working on game changing software- Fair benefits and reasonable allowances for time off and WFH when required- Good feedback systems in place allowing for personal and professional growth Cons- Uncertainty within GE about the future of the external digital products with their relatively poor commercial performance- Inconsistent hiring practices across different sites leads to the occasional under-qualified colleague- Conferences (great learning opportunity) limited due to T&L restrictions Advice to Management- Continue GE initiative of using internal software teams as opposed to contractors- Need to bring up the quality of software hires across the company.

You can tell it as soon as you receive a job offer. unlimited personal days (pursuant to your manager's approval), ability to buy an extra week of vacation per year, unlimited sick days.