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W5’s story, Creep Out, broadcasted Saturday, February 18 at 7 pm local time.

The following is W5’s online introduction to their piece ‘Creep Out.’ W5’s ‘Creep Out’: Are online pedophile hunters ‘catching’ the innocent?

It’s no coincidence the prison term “goof” is their word of choice. He had watched similar videos put up by Canada’s first pedophile hunter, Toronto’s Justin Payne, the first person in Canada to make a name for himself hunting pedophiles. But no charges have been approved in Alberta, where police say they want nothing to do with the Creep Catchers. Dave Dubnyk of Alberta’s Integrated Child Exploitation Unit says the evidence collected in stings by this group is rarely usable in court.

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An antlered deer is now defined as any male or female deer with antler protruding above the hairline. Male fawns with no antler protruding above the hairline do not count towards a hunter’s antlered bag limit; rather they count toward the hunter’s antlerless bag limits. The Claiborne County special red deer hunt has been eliminated as there are no more known red deer. Small game hunting with dogs (limit 2 per vehicle) is now allowed in the North Cherokee bear reserves during bear still hunts (bear hunts with no dogs permitted). Chronic wasting disease (CWD) has been detected in new areas of the U. See page 20 of the hunting guide for more information.

An antlerless deer is now defined as any deer with no antler protruding above the hairline. Deer having already shed their antlers and does without antlers are also considered antlerless. Two new deer hunting units have been added: Units C and D. Several counties have been moved to different units and antlerless bag limits have changed. A new private land raccoon season has been established, opening July 1.

W5 interviewed “Sam” and his family from our story.

W5 reviewed the chat logs and concluded “there was no sexual content” in Sam’s conversations with Carl Murphy, also known as Karl Bennett Young, whose real name is Carl Young.

Cases with truly horrifying chats have been lumped in with chats that show no evidence of any sexual intent.