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I’m happy with my body and that’s all that matters.

I understand that everyone has an opinion and that’s fine..

Princess Love didn’t like the negative attention her weight loss was getting and clapped back to the haters.

She revealed her weight loss regimen in a lengthy Instagram post to shut down her critics saying, “I’m Vegan and alcohol free.

has found himself caught up in a web of lies and deception.

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    Walmart is the mega-store that carries everything from i Pads to diapers, gourmet wines to prescription drugs.

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    And if you’ve already texted dirty or flirted dirty with her earlier, bring a few of those lines into the conversation to remind her of the sexy times both of you have shared.

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    Myth: Debt consolidation saves interest, and there’s one smaller payment.

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    The following six digits are the unit identifier, although it should be noted that these final six numbers are not sequential and do not provide any other identification information about the instrument. S.-made Fender instruments, with exceptions including the American Vintage series and certain special-run instruments.