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I was super shocked but was also fine with it because it wasn’t like she was a prostitute. I’m not entirely sure, but she definitely started a few months before I dated her. She knew what she was doing and as I said, was hot. Her thoughts were like, “I want you to remember this the next day.” One time she got mad at me for calling her ‘mistress’ in bed because she wanted to separate the two [personal life and work]. She would pretend to be a prostitute, so she clearly got off on the money exchange stuff.

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Prostitute dating a client

It's not the happy ending she was expecting but it does open her eyes to a world she's never seen before.

I couldn't get through the pilot because this show is a joke. First of all what do we learn about prostitution:1) Apparently only good looking guys go to massage parlors with happy endings.

She was just doing drugs somewhere and then went to a very intensive rehab. We had sex in my school’s bathroom, but that’s not crazy.

But once she had me pick her up from work and she still had tape on her nipples so I had to take the tape off without hurting her. Not really, I didn’t think about it that much because all these men had to pay to see her and here I was having awesome sex and awesome food with someone I legitimately liked, and thought I loved. We have tentative plans to see each other again, whenever that may be.

It became a thing of where she liked doing coke more than she liked having sex with me.

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    There is no upper limit as to how much you can earn per month and payments are made at the end of each month.

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