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Judging from her not-so-beloved brother's smirk, he had guessed the same thing."Have you ever considered ! " Silena cried, as if Annabeth's clothing choices were an insult to her personally."It's not a date! "Silena sighed and ordered one of her half-sisters to fetch a mostly-new pair of white jeans for Annabeth. "I'm also not wearing heels, just so you know.""Well, you're certainly not wearing your old sneakers," Silena told her matter-of-factly. "How much do you wanna bet Beckendorf did this to impress Silena? "But I'll bet you a drachma that they can last another two minutes before coming up for air.""No way," Percy shook his head. "Annabeth felt her cheeks heat up, and a sidelong glance at Percy revealed a similar blush on his cheeks. And yet, the look in Percy's eyes—embarrassed, but strangely intense and thoughtful—forced her to admit that this was so much more than a simple crush. "She waved and all but ran back into the woods, leaving Annabeth to avoid Percy's gaze on her own."Annabeth?

" she protested, to no avail."You asked him out, didn't you? Annabeth wished she hadn't gone and said something logical like that. "The daughter of Aphrodite, who was long since ready for her own date with Beckendorf, all but shoved Annabeth into the closest bathroom with some of her less-worn clothes. "Only one.""You're on."They shook on it, which, Annabeth reflected, was probably a bad idea. This was her best friend, someone she would trust with her life and more, and this was the boy she had, against all odds, fallen in love with. "Oh, sorry," said Juniper, looking both amused and sheepish at the same time. " His voice was much quieter than usual, and she looked up out of sheer curiousity. "Is this…well, Juniper said, and I wasn't, erm, sure, y'know—and I was wondering—I've wondering, that is…uh, is this a d—date? " He couldn't possibly be asking…there was no way—was there?

"I wouldn't have asked you out if I hadn't, Seaweed Brain," she retorted. "Well, you never gave me a chance to answer, so how was I supposed to know? "You were supposed to do intensive research of the feminine mind, Percy. "Um, so…"She never got to finish her sentence, too distracted by the dazzling green of his eyes as he looked over at her and the way his hair, dark and adorably messy, looked when it was being tousled by the wind.

His hand shifted to cover her palm and he was leaning forward…or maybe she was…or maybe both of them were, but it didn't matter, because either way, his face was getting closer, there was a set of drums where her heart should be, and if she just tilted her head—High in the night sky, blue and white fireworks exploded, showering Camp Half-Blood and it's many, lovestruck campers in spectacular lights., Silena!

"C'mon, let's get away before Beckendorf and Silena start sucking face."The two weren't far from it now, and Percy looked half-disgusted, half-impressed as he followed her gaze to where Beckendorf and Silena were seated.