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I use estee lauder double wear foundation when i wear make up (not everyday!

) and it helps to cover up a bit but i'd love to have clear skin!!

This passage explains why topical treatments can work..are antibiotics which kill the bacteria that 'flourish', therefore reducing the problem. All the products are gorgeous to use & last quite a long time. I was given Clomid, didn't take it & then fell pregnant after a few months of taking it. But in terms of skincare find a product that works with the rest of your skin, make sure you keep as clean as possible and always take your makeup off carefully to prevent worse breakouts I highly recommend that you try Agnus Castus and Coenzyme Q10 taken together to help with the hormone imbalance.

I'm not saying it will work for everyone as everyone is different, but I have successfully used topical treatments for years (as can't take the pill i.e. It really worked for me, I lost weight and my skin rapidly improved within 4weeks of starting these suppliments ( I was also pg within 3mths of starting them after being told I would definitely need IVF to have children).

Hi everyone, I have PCOS and am desperately trying to find a skin care regime which has actually helped other people with PCOS. Don't want to splash out on the likes of dermalogica, unless someone can tell me it cured their spots!