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The Georgia intelligence contractor accused of leaking Top Secret documents from the National Security Agency told federal authorities she smuggled classified documents out of the office by stuffing them in her pantyhose.Reality Leigh Winner, a decorated former US Air Force linguist who held Top Secret government clearance was asked by an FBI agent about how she managed to get the documents out of the agency's Augusta, Georgia, office.'I folded it in half in my pantyhose,' she responded, citing a transcript filed by prosecutors Wednesday and seen by Politico.

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Court records show, Reality Winner, 25, who is charged with leaking U. secrets told FBI agents she was frustrated with her job as a government contractor when she tucked a classified report into her pantyhose and smuggled it out of a National Security Agency office The details appear in a transcript federal prosecutors filed in court Wednesday that detail the interrogation of 25-year-old by the FBI as they carried out a search warrant at her home in June.

Prosecutors included the 78-page transcript of Reality Winner's interview with FBI agents in a court filing Wednesday urging a judge to keep her jailed until her trial. Magistrate Judge Brian Epps has scheduled a hearing Friday to reconsider releasing Winner on bond.

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