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didn’t necessarily pass the Turing Test, since I didn’t care about playing into Eugene’s script, and therefore repeatedly ignored his questions about my job.Well, Turing didn’t say anything in his paper about the interrogator a robot as quickly as possible, not how to distinguish yourself from one. I’ve learned through mutual acquaintances that Vladimir Veselov, one of the creators of “Eugene,” has an excellent attitude about all of this.Thinking about it, Tay and Rinna kind of exemplify the idea that we don’t get the technologically groundbreaking artificial intelligence chatbot we need…

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Nude chatbot girl

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond here in Japan, Microsoft rolled out Rinna — more or less the same artificial intelligence but with a Japanese schoolgirl Twitter profile photo.

Rinna, learning through her interactions with Japanese users, quickly evolved into the quintessential otaku — issuing numerous complaints on Twitter about hay fever (it’s peak allergy season in Japan right now) and obsessing over anime in conversations with Japanese LINE users.

But OK, just in case anyone doubts my humanity, here’s my answer to Eugene, together with his response: Me: Not that I’m the one being tested, but I’m a theoretical computer scientist. He’s under no delusions whatsoever about his fun and entertaining creation standing any chance against a serious interrogator.

He comments: “Conditions of the contest made it simpler …

By the end of day one, Tay had “tweeted wildly inappropriate and reprehensible words and images,” as worded by Microsoft’s now surely sleep-deprived damage control team.