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“We’re just exhausted.” And this is where things improve. “Imagine you have a bus with loads of beds, and an XBox! “And a naked girl runs on to your bus on your birthday!When I ask them what it’s like being in JLS, Aston, eyes now as wide as saucers, says: “Imagine your bus.” I say that I don’t have a bus. ” Crikey, I say, as he explains to me that this happened to him just the other week.Their cheeky chappy personae, the fact that they are four normal boys from Peterborough done good – despite losing The X Factor – have endeared them to the masses.

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But the following day the youth who organized the party called her to tell her that she had been raped - and that photos of the attack were circulating online, Q13 Fox reported.

The girl, who is not being named, had learned over the course of the night that she was the only eighth grader in attendance - a fact that earned her the nickname 'The Legend' from other revelers.

And they look as if they would rather be playing Fifa 11 on their XBox, which has been plugged into a television that they have taken off the wall. For a while, it is a bit like interviewing a set of JLS dolls.

When I ask about The X Factor, they talk in soundbites as well-rehearsed as their tour – they are endlessly thankful for the opportunity it gave them (Oritsé put the band together in 2006, scouting through friends and contacts); they are ever so grateful to Simon Cowell; they are good chums with Miss Burke and many of the other contestants, both from their year and years since.

They are the UK’s premier boyband (forget manbands such as Take That).