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Click right to make like Ruth and get it for your own, or if you fancy even more sparkle (who wouldn't?!

) then head to our edit below where we've hunted out the best on the high-street from Coast, White Stuff and another winner from & Other Stories.

They tell him that he shouldn't be ashamed because everyone has secrets that are totally acceptable, like Heffer pretending to be a pixie and Dr.

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This one has been making the rounds lately for being just so in your face that it's downright unbelievable it made it past the censors.

Rocko takes a job at a phone sex hotline and ends up on the line with Mrs. As if the conversation weren't enough, the guidelines for a good operator really drive this home: "Be hot. Be courteous."In an episode entitled "Closet Clown," the gang is consoling Ed Bighead after they discover he's been working as a clown.

But, that feeling is certainly not out of place on Rocko's Modern Life.

As a show with plenty of innuendo, this is far from an exhaustive list of examples, merely my favorites.

You could even let it be your special Christmas day party piece!