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She is controlling, very precisely, the image she projects to the world.

Just like the veil is a weighty symbol, so are the motorcycles of .

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He began the project, he says, after working on a photoshoot in Marrakesh that featured non-Moroccan models and Western clothes.

“I want to show that that Arab women are not passive, and that they can ride bikes,” Hajjaj told last year.

A gallery spokesperson said as much to the , when explaining Hajjaj’s work: “His confident, upbeat portraits of young women wearing veils and djellabah while posing on motorcycles subvert preconceived notions of Arab women.

His subjects are traditionally clad but defiantly modern, bearing bright smiles and the markers of youth, independence, celebration, and fun.” is the cinematic manifestation of this idea.

And in fact, when Karima herself appeared alongside Hajjaj at the LACMA screening, her head was uncovered.