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Picture: Yeshiel Panchia South African President Jacob Zuma and u Mkhonto We Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) president, Kebby Maphatsoe, came under fire at the MK national council’s conference held in Johannesburg on Friday, with speakers reiterating that the outcome of the MKMVA conference be nullified.

Presenting the council’s report, member of the steering committee Siphiwe Nyanda said after countless efforts to unite the former soldiers, it was clear that many African National Congress (ANC) leaders were not committed to unity within the governing party.

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Many ANC leaders are not interested in genuine unity…to some leaders, Kebby’s continuous heading of the association serve their succession project at our December national conference,” said Nyanda.

“They support structures which they think will align with their factional interests…they are determined to preserve their hold on the levers of power and the ANC despite of the destructive effects on our organisation…so Kebby was assisted in trying to legitimise a fraudulent process and muzzled the department of defence and military veterans to fund that conference.” The former soldiers have been patient with ANC leadership for far too long, he added. We had hoped the conference would take place in January, then it was February, then it was June, August and September.

It has come to a point where people are even questioning our resolve…we just refuse to be marginalised and ignored.

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