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You may not publish member names, phone numbers, addresses, web addresses, email addresses or other identification in any part of your profile or in your first correspondence with other members.This is to prevent accidental publishing of your details, joking and other abuse taking place.You may not contact members that have previously blocked you, or if your intentions are clearly unsolicited and to be abusive or annoying.

Couples may create a shared couples profile and maintain a private profile each, however this is provided as a courtesy to retain the private profiles and both profiles should not be actively used at the same time.

You must not create a couples account or login to a couples account if you are no longer a partner in that couple.

Refund and cancellation Policy NZDating is a subscription based service, we do not provide refunds of any kind (subject to the NZ Consumer Guarantees act).

Duplicate or overpayments may be charged a processing fee if refunds are required.

Gold memberships are not transferable to other accounts.