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The weekday morning drive home from her place on I-40 will eventually be the deal breaker. You keep bumping into her at Crosstown Arts and finally you get together. He recently raised an abandoned baby squirrel he found in Overton Park.

Once you feel like you might be the one to change her lonesome ways, she’ll tell you that she just wants to be friends and you'll contemplate buying a guitar. More foodie than preacher, he'll eat just a lil' of that Gus’s fried chicken at the party.

Dating -- for the most part -- ends one of two ways: marriage or breakup.

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For the best results in this relationship, follow Grizz action on twitter, read Geoff Calkins, and listen to 92.9 on the reg. His profile is just the right mix of professional and quirky.

FYI: Dating the Grinder is a lot more fun when the Grizz are winning. He’s got more matches than he knows what to do with.

She’s the one holding court on the DKDC patio at 1am and dancing front and center at the Hi Tone on school nights.

She's drinking Jameson slushies at Slider most Sunday afternoons.

You'll have to hold her hair while she loses her dinner out of the passenger side window of your car at some point. He is looking for a woman willing to marry him, move to Germantown, and have children (at which point he becomes a full blown Todd and starts working for his dad). Her idea of a good dive bar is the Fox & the Hound or Brookhaven Pub. Not only are you excited, so is every other single woman in town. She seems aloof and a little weird until you actually get to talk to her.