Mandating community service is bad

While we’re no fans of the Robert Mueller who’s close buddies and in collusion with Clinton bag man James Comey, we do want to maintain our fan base with trust.

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It is about being deeply anxious, worried and frightened about how to cope with what is happening now - and what will happen next.

In speaking to hundreds, sometimes thousands of people across the State, I know while they may not know about the "Olmstead Decision" or about the "ADA" [Americans with Disabilities Act] they do know about their own life or the lives of their children and family.

(Click here for CDCAN Report #119-2010 on the issue) (Click here for 399 page pdf copy of June 16, 2010 substitute amendment by Sen.

Baucus to HR 4213 - Medicaid funding page 300)) (Click here for 4 page pdf copy of summary of proposed substitute amendment by Sen.

The proposed waiver seeks to renew and significantly expand the existing Section 1115 Medicaid Waiver that is due to expire August 2010, will have, as proposed, sweeping impact on thousands of people with disabilities, mental health needs, the blind and seniors in the Medi-Cal program (Click here for CDCAN Report #110-2010 on this issue) (Click here for 71 page pdf official "Bridge to Reform" Section 1115 Medicaid Waiver Proposal) (Click here for 4 page scanned pdf letter to federal government) (Click here for 243 page pdf file Interim Evaluation Report of the HCCI in California with appendix A-H) Note: "HCCI" stands for "Health Care Coverage Initiative"(POSTED JUNE 7, 2010) - HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS AND CHILDREN WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS & THEIR FAMILIES FOCUS OF JUNE 10TH SENATE AUTISM SELECT COMMITTEE HEARING SACRAMENTO, CA (CDCAN) - The Senate Select Committee on Autism and Related Disorders, chaired by Senate President Pro tem Darrell Steinberg (Democrat - Sacramento), [photo left of Sen.

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