Loverollete cam

Traveler tracker This option features standard noise cancellation and an Aware Mode, which basically lets you hear everything around you at the touch of a button.

This version can also do nearly all of what the fitness version can — count calories burned, steps, monitor heart rate, and track your distance traveled.

Smart bands may be getting a bit stale, or in any event they are saturating the market.

CES 2016 was littered with wrist-wear, mostly due to the sheer number of redundant fitness trackers — but there’s a new place on our bodies that companies are starting to utilize for wearables — the ear.

Sleep monitor This variant has quite a few features packed into the tiny earbuds.

It will track movements you make during the night, as well as if you grind your teeth.

United Sciences has developed a non-invasive 3D ear scanner that captures the geometry of the inner and outer canals of your ear in order to find the optimal fit for earbuds, says the company’s CEO Samuel Kellett, Jr.