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I find it amazing that Telstra would:1) Sell my phone number to spammers and those using deceitful methods to drive subscriptions2) Lie to my face about it So, my question to you all... The Ombudsman is toothless from what I understand... I'm not sure whether I agree entirely with what you have been advised by the Telstra store – because even while tethered, websites can still "see" your mobile number as if you were using your mobile to browse the internet.

It has happened to me previously where I wanted to check my account balance of my mobile phone – I was tethered to it, and so I just visited the URL I would normally visit while on my smartphone, it worked without a problem – so to some degree they would have to be able to identify this.

Hi Whirlpoolers, Last night I was browsing the net tethered to my mobile.

A new tab launched (as they usually do) in the background and within a few seconds I had closed it (without opening the actual page).

Footnote: I always find it interesting how people like to stand up for companies so vehemently but when challenged about why, they attack the challenger and never actually answer the question.